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I Am My Avatar - February 19th, 2009
Big Warm Fuzzy Public Heart
Once upon a time Google bitchslapped me for selling direct text link advertising— ads which were clearly ads from a human standpoint, but the advertisers were hoping Google would thinking of them as editorial endorsements.

But here's the thing: in Japan Google is not the dominant search engine. Yahoo is. And like any other also-ran web site, Google Japan wants to be Web Site Numero Uno!

So Google Japan paid a bunch of bloggers to post about them. Which is at least one full step further in a black hat direction than anything Boutell.Com— and hundreds of nationally known newspaper sites and the like— were doing a few years ago when Google bent us all over its 800-pound gorilla knee.

So Google is spanking itself. They dropped's pagerank from a nine to a five in the Google seearch toolbar. Which is probably about as real as the original "warning shot over the bow" pagerank drop they applied to sites like mine.

I can't make this shit up folks.

TechPost: Google Uses Every Trick To Beat Yahoo In Japan

Matt Cutts of Google offers apology, describes Google's self-flagellation process

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Yo my Presidents,

ljwho is working again! Yay!

ljwho is a LiveJournal convenience I wrote a couple years back. It helps you remember the real names of your LiveJournal friends. Very useful.

For a year or so it didn't work in Firefox 3. Fixing it wasn't a high priority for me, sadly. President, please... Shakespeare got to get paid.

But then it seems something got fixed in Greasemonkey that resolved the problem. Awesome.
Estilo Dance Studio is in the Fitness Works at 7th and Reed Streets in South Philly. Don't just read about it, come take classes!

There is an additional rueda instructor at Estilo now: Sebastien. Sebastien has taught rueda in France. He's awesome. French-accented Spanish rueda calls are your best entertainment value.

He threw in some silly variations on the enchufle. Principe bueno is an enchufle ending with a kiss on the hand as you sweep by to the next girl. Principe malo ends with a turn away and a stomp. Principe... heckiforget ends with mussing the girl's hair wildly. DO NOT TRY THIS WITH STRANGERS IN CLUBS IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO TASTE SPIKE HEEL. In a way you won't like.

I worked on the candela, a not-too-fancy move that I've nevertheless had persistent trouble with, and seem to have it down:

Break back and cuddle her in, then push her out again.

Repeat that.

On the third repetition, cuddle her in as usual on 1-2-3. On 5-6-7, keep both hands high, and turn left away from her. On 5, bring your right hand to your left shoulder (which is what kept biting me in the ass before). Now on 6-7 you'll settle the left hand to the right shoulder.

Now march in place in the direction you're now facing. When "paribe" (I think) is called, turn left to face your partner again, but keep marching in place.

When "dorito" is called, raise your left arm and walk under it to the next girl.

When "daiquiri" is called, reach over your partner's arm to the arm of the next girl, but don't go anywhere yet! When "zefir" is called, complete the move by raising your arm and passing your current partner under it and behind you, welcoming your new partner in front of you.

When "dile que no" is called, cross-body lead your partner and you're back to normal.

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